Isfp dating intp

At least by INTP standards. Then why are you interested in dating her?

How are you so sure she's not thinking any relationship may have long-term potential? You're a hypocrite as well as condescending. What you said is just as offensive if not more offensive than what OP said. At least he said it because he wasn't concise. You seem to mean every word. I didn't say I was interested in dating her.


I said I like her. We are just friends. She would admit this stuff actually. Not all ISFP are the same.

How Compatible is an ISFP Relationship With Other Personality Types?

Suggesting that we're all like that is condescending anyway. But I'm happy to hear you're not considering her as a lover. I'm sure not all, but in general I think it is not far off the mark. And the other stuff is not even up for debate.

ISFPs have a pretty big reputation for being rebellious even if that may mean different things to each one Fi being super subjective as it is of course. I haven't known any as you describe I am one, friends with a couple, related to one, read up on several ISFP celebrities. Are you certain of their type? Again though, pretty subjective. What about them isn't accurate? This is a question I have been asking myself also.

Fi is so damn hard to understand no matter how hard I try to. But there's no doubt in my mind if I'm even able to grasp the concept of it relatively well, it would have a positive effect on my life, opening other avenues of possibilities. You hit the nail on the head regarding me 'learning' from her. Now, vice versa, she could do a bit better trying to understand Ti I don't see it as a compromise, at all!

You're right, Ti defines us, but only the most immature INTP will use it solely to dictate their lives, letting it run wild chaotically. Guilty, and I still stand by that statement. I find conversation with N girls to be more engaging. She is mature enough to be able to accommodate my Ne brain poop very well, such as offbeat sarcastic jokes.

I can tell she's very comfortable with and enjoys my Ne. But I would be lying to you if I said I didn't wish she was at least a little more imaginative and abstractly thinking. Do you think being exposed to different cognitive functions in relationships help develop weaker ones in each other? I don't plan on hurting her intentionally, she is such a gentle soul.

Which reminds me, she was previously in a relationship for 5 years before the guy told her he didn't like her anymore, and with her being an ISFP I understand it must have wrecked her really hard. This might be one of the reasons why she has been so reluctant to open up to me, but I only ever have good intentions for her. To be honest and I don't mean to be mean you sound selfish but don't realize it.

You admit you don't know much about her, and admit that you still prefer a N girl for life. What does she get? Sure, you help her with organization and stuff, but what does she get in the long term? An ENTP lady in another forum said she dated an isfp because she thought he was fascinating and his mind mysterious. But after a while, she found out his Fi did not hold the mysteries of the universe and she lost interest.

She realized Fi was just subjectiveness and individuality.

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Fi lovers need their lovers to appreciate them as a person, not a Pandora's box. What do you mean by abstract and imaginative? We're capable of this as long as it aligns with our interests. Just like how I was talking about mbti. She's not going to put much time and effort into understanding she doesn't care personally about Fi unlike someone who likes to think about anything they find a little interest in, so we are capable of abstract and imaginative convo, just in stuff we are actually really interested in.

It's possible to strengthen your weaker functions by being exposed to them. My Inxp sister only reveals her Ti to me when angry, and it's made me better at debating logically. But it's a slow process for everyone involved. I can't say it'll work for you and her because I've lived with my sister all my life. She may change, she may not.

Dating an ISFP personality type

But you should be sure you like her for who she is before getting into a relationship and trying to change her. I suggest you get to know her better as a person before initiating any further. May hurt her if she becomes interested but you already lost interest.

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Especially after her break up. You did mention you would leave if her Fi was "too irrational".

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Practically all of them, when I study the cognitive functions and incorporate my observations of her the numerous times we've spent time together. I would bet a lot, a lot of money that she is ISFP and nothing else. Definitely introvert, absolutely sensing, painfully obvious feeler, and no question a perceiver. Actually, I've never been more certain of typing anyone than I have for her, even myself.

Emotionally withdrawn, quiet, trouble conveying things into words, an eye for aesthetics, an extreme sense of her surroundings in the moment.

During a sensitive conversation between the two of us, I told her she can seem like a closed book at times, and that I had trouble understanding her. Does that not scream ISFP? I also told her how I wanted to bleach my hair platinum blond it's a professionally acceptable jet black at the moment and I asked her for her opinion on it, and she said it would look nice on me. But then I told her how I might compromise my professional image and she became defensive all of a sudden, telling me how I should be able to do what I want as an individual, and that it's not up to my boss to dictate what color my hair is.

In another scene, we were both driving in the car, and I asked her what she thought of the genre of a specific song playing on the radio.

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She proceeds to tell me the song in particular was making her feel really sad at the moment, and afterwards, I noticed her wiping away tears several times. I asked if everything was okay and if she wanted to talk about it, but she didn't answer me and I left it at that. We texted about it afterwards though vaguely , and she gave the impression that it was nothing serious or profound, just a heat of the moment lost in her emotions. She was quite happy and talkative a short while later, so yeah.