Dating someone who is not a virgin

You must stop seeking and expecting perfection from every aspect of your dating situation and of the girl you are with. As much as you might like her and be crazy about her, and as much as you might think that she is one of a kind — she is not perfect. Guess what — sooner or later you will realize that just like any other relationship, this dating situation is not perfect either.

You will have arguments, fights and other problems.


This would sound very cynical, but statistically you will more likely that not break up, and there will many other women in your life after that girl, who was your first sexual partner. This is not a good thing or a bad thing.

Should a Christian date or marry someone who is not a virgin?

It is just part of life and part of coming of age for the majority of young men. So, stop worrying or expecting her to be pure and attached. Focus on your present and on the fact that she wants to be with you and you want to be with her. Perceive your interaction and your initial sexual experience with her as a valuable lesson and an introduction to your sex life, and this mindset will serve you well.

Benefit from being with your first sexual partner by learning and gaining an experience of your own. When You Are a Virgin, but the Girl is Not Many guys face this emotional challenge early on in their dating lives before they have had any sexual experience with women and when they are still virgins.

So, what are the reasons for this frustration? If you are a guy who faces the above challenges, I would like to suggest to you two very effective things that you can do to overcome this problem: Put a positive spin on the fact that the girl is no longer a virgin and has all that sexual experience. Stop idealizing your relationship with her.

Do girls like virgin men?

Leave her past where it belongs — in the past. Get More Exclusive Content! We ovb plan on staying with either for a very long time. She is not a virgin tho. It doesn't make me angry that i am not the first one I feel like it has to do something with innocence.

Would you date someone that is not a virgin? | Yahoo Answers

Like she has lost her Like she has lost her innocence. I just feel like something is missing from all this and it kind of makes me upset. So would you guys go out with someone that is not a virgin? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I was a virgin but my boyfriend wasn't Most virgins want to lose it to another virgin, but I was just praying for someone who knew what he was doing so it wouldn't be as awkward or painful for my first time.

A relationship is built on trust in my opinion, and if you have been dating for a year and a half, then I think that you should cut her a little slack. I wasn't a virgin when I started dating my current boyfriend now and we've been dating for two years.

Salvation and forgiveness of sin are given to us by grace.

Losing my virginity was a completely different story, extremely personal, and really sad to be honest. I told him about it before we started dating, just so he knew and could choose to leave if he wanted to.

He told me that he understood and that it was ok. Depending on her situation and how she lost it is a major factor. If she lost it by something out of her control like me, then you feeling this was isn't right. I can guarantee you that she feels times worse.

Would you date someone that is not a virgin?

Also, when you lose your virginity, I think that you will be able to relate more and truly understand. And there is nothing wrong with being a virgin. I have a friend who is 21 and he is still a virgin. Just, don't judge her or feel bad because she lost her virginity. So, basically just love and trust her. Don't get upset over her not having her virginity and try to understand her. Yes, it's a bit much to expect someone to always be a virgin for you when you get with them, especially the older you get.

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Things and life happens before you get with that person, virginity doesn't make a person and you can end up missing out on the perfect person of your life just because you want this one particular thing. Well i think your problem is you want that special connect of losing eachothers virginity witch for the simple fact your goin crazy with this question in your head shows you really love her so my answer to you is yes I would, love doesnt come around easy never let her go.