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It was arguably more difficult, sure, but it also allowed them the opportunity to truly process their feelings about a situation.

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Since we all have only known dating online, the reality is it is difficult for us to understand just how deeply technology has shaped the ways we interact with each other, even romantically. Even if you carefully cultivate the perfect dating profile, the reality is that people lie more often than not on the web and any sort of connection you make online is subject to questioning.

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We forget that there is an actual human being on the other end of our online interactions, someone with fears and insecurities. Our parents never had to worry about the three-day texting rule , or seeming too eager. Online dating allows us all the time in the world to take care of all the questions you would normally ask on a first date: Talk about the ideal expert.

Jeney, who is also the founder of the subscription-based Modern Love Box for couples, has been with her partner for about a decade, and has been in private practice for three years. She sees about 20 to 25 clients per week, mostly couples but many individuals , too, and the majority of her clients are young — age 25 to The number one thing single millennials are struggling with? We sat down with Jeney to sort through this massive problem, and to get some practical advice on how to find love in the modern age.

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I think the dating game is really isolating, even though [millennials] are immersed in so many different options. I think a genuine connection takes time to facilitate; you have to take time to nurture a foundation between two people where there is emotional safety.

Why is Dating in 2018 so hard? 6 Surprising Reasons

But I think on the emotional end, what I try to help my clients unpack is what is it that they really even want? And why do they want it?

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And how much of that can they provide for themselves? When we unpack that and we start exploring it, building that clarity helps them feel more empowered to be in their own space. I think that has positive outcomes in terms of finding genuine partnership.